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HP memory “Special Descriptor codes”,...... Is there a code index?

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HP memory “Special Descriptor codes”,...... Is there a code index?


G-day HP forum I’m a bit of an amateur doing weekend referb & updating appropriate HP MLxx G6 for Physical to Virtual (P2V) to capture servers running 2003 R2 32-bit. HP have been very helpful with recommended updates and so on but of course this also involves hardware upgrades freeing up processor cores and memory allocation.


Installation of WIN 2012 r2 is not a problem, it’s the increased memory and there configuration that I am finding a steep learning curve.


I’m doing upgrades as a cheap alternative for blue collar area owner operator’s that need a way to maintain their connection to their invoicing and tendering via RDS.


Parts are drying up in Australia, especially with the RAM upgrades.


Question: Special Descriptor codes?


I see memory cards come up for sale from time to time with an un-familiar descriptor code; the one directly following he CAS Latency number.


Is there a HP Rosetta Stone that we use to translate it to what protocol it is applicable to?


I will be thankful for any help.


Kind regards





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Re: HP memory “Special Descriptor codes”,...... Is there a code index?


Hi Docta,


If you are looking for the HP Spare part numbers, then an easy way would be to look up the assembly part number on the respective component at HP PartSurfer.  Now PartSurfer provides the HP spare part number of that component and the description of the component. In almost all cases, the memory speed, type, CAS latency etc. are clearly specified. So, if the descriptions match, then you could be conclude that both are talking about the same component. However, it is recommended to install HP spares.





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