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HP ml350p gen8

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HP ml350p gen8


I have a server ml350p gen8

I want to know if it's possible to install a video card and sound card?

To work as a personal pc?


Re: HP ml350p gen8



YES its possible to add a Graphic and Sound card and use it as a PC but you may not be able to install Windows 7 or 8 because these are not server OS.


As far as I know, HP does not have any third party hardware compatibility list for its servers, cant comment which card is compatible.


Lastly do check the following document.

PCI Slots Must Be Populated in a Specific Manner to Ensure Adequate Airflow.


Thank You!
I am a HP employee
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Re: HP ml350p gen8

I have installed a Video,
Video signal does not?
By vga, loaded to the server, and a server appeared GT220 video card
But the video is not possible

Jimmy Vance

Re: HP ml350p gen8

From the quickspecs.  Note you need the support kit listed for power connection for these type of cards


HP Computation and Graphics Accelerators NOTE: Only the below listed Graphics cards are HP standard supported options in this server.


NOTE: The ML350p Gen8 supports up to 3 graphic cards. HP Graphic Card Support Kit (660582-B21) will be required per Graphic Card.

NOTE: Please see the HP Power Advisor for estimated power consumption of your individual system configuration prior to installing GPUs. The HP Power Advisor is located at:   HP Graphic Card Support Kit 660582-B21


NVIDIA Quadro K2000 PCI-E Graphics Adapter 753959-B21

NVIDIA Quadro K4000 PCI-E Graphics Adapter 730870-B21

NVIDIA Quadro K5000 PCI-E Graphics Adapter 730872-B21

NVIDIA Quadro K6000 PCI-E Graphics Adapter 730874-B21

NVIDIA Tesla K40C 12 GB Computational Accelerator 753960-B21


NOTE: Min/Max rule does not apply to this option. However maximum of Three HP Graphic Card Support Kit can be selected. This Graphic Card Support Kit must be selected along with Graphic cards only.
NOTE: For all NVIDIA cards, OS support is for 64-bit versions only; Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Editions 5.x & 6.x, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Edition SLES11 SPx, Windows Server 2012 R2


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