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HP proliant Ml115 G5 wont boot

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HP proliant Ml115 G5 wont boot

The server will not start. When the power button is pressed, the fans stay on full and no output is displayed via the VGA port. The system does not beep on startup.

Tried removing the hard drive, using new memory, clearing cmos and reseating all of the connectors, but it will not boot. Even tried a different power supply and the same issue occured.

The power LED on the front of the server is green, along with the LED near the CPU. The motherboard LED (hearbeat) is blinking green.

Could the issue be something simple or should i sent it back to HP under my 3YR warrenty?


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Re: HP proliant Ml115 G5 wont boot

hi craig1234

if your server is under warranty Call HP they must send you a System Board...

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!