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HP proliant dl360 G5 fails rebooting

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HP proliant dl360 G5 fails rebooting



One of our HP proliant dl360 G5 systems hangs every time we try to do a soft reboot. It starts to produce long beeps with red led flashing on the front and never ends. The long beeps never end either till we press and hold the power button. Once the hard reboot is performed the system boots successfully next time. So it seems to be 100% reproducible with soft reboots or cool reboots.


BTW, nothing comes out on the monitor. We verify it with iLo.


Any thoughts what could this be and how to try fixing it?


Thanks in advance!



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Re: HP proliant dl360 G5 fails rebooting

Any thoughts how to troubleshoot this issue? This is a bit urgent

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Re: HP proliant dl360 G5 fails rebooting

Below are some more details:


When I soft-shutdown the system and then start it from the button the very first time after soft-shutdown the following happens in the order:


1. 3 green leds on front panel are on

2. DVD green led starts to blink

3. After a few seconds the top led on front panel goes red and it starts cycle of long beeps.


No other leds inside the box are red. Nothing on the video. The coolers do not calm and boost at their booting time speed till I hard-reset the system.


When I hard-reset the system with the button and then boot it again it loads always with no more issues.


So it seems hard-resetting fixes the issue.


BTW, I am booting into ESXi from USB, though don't know whether it plays any role in this issue. It does not to that point to start loading the system anyways - as I mentioned no output on video when it happens.


Please share your thoughts, we would need to figure out quickly what this is and possible implications of it with the system

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Re: HP proliant dl360 G5 fails rebooting

I had some more reading on HP diagnose and troubleshooting specs but still cannot find the source of the problem. Some more updates below:

So once the issue occurs the Internal Health LED on the front panel is going RED. Long beeps every 8 seconds till I shutdown the system with pressing and holding the power button.

I examined the internal components when issue occurs: No red or amber LED next to any component. I also made sure Fans and RAM are well sitted.

As mentioned earlier, no video output when issue occures. The iLo logs also show nothing relevant to the issue. IML log also has no record.


BTW, when I press and hold the power button after the issue the Internal Health LED on the front keeps blanking red and the external health LED goes off (during the issue it is GREEN). Inside the system I see only two GREEN leds blanking next to the system battery following each other - Is this expected or indicates to battery issue?

Hoping someone can help me find out the source of the issue.

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Re: HP proliant dl360 G5 fails rebooting

Some more updates and some results!


First I also verified that indeed no POST message is generated by connecting the system to serial console. And as expected no POST message.


So this was becoming strange as Internal Health led indicates failure (RED led) but no component has either red or amber on the board as well as no POST message.


As all the firmware on the system is up-to-date I decided to reset the system configuration to defaults from BIOS.


Once the reset done I noticed that now Cold Reboot has been fixed! After cold reboot system boots up just fine as well as hard reset.


The only remaining problem is the Soft Reset. It still gets to the same trouble with internal health LED turning red and no output or POST message.


Any ideas are welcomed as usual... Seems I am the only one updating this thread though :(