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HP proliant dl580 not booting

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HP proliant dl580 not booting

Hi all,

Last week I was assigned to review old equiment that was not in use.

One of the devices is a HP Proliant DL580 G7.

When I tried to power up the device pressing the steady orange power button, it does turn green but only for 1-2 secs, the fans spin max for 1 sec as well and then it power cycles itself.

After doing so 4 times the server stays off with the health led blinking red.

I did some research about the issue and followed the manual for troubleshooting:

  • I tried to power up the server from the 4 different power supplies and with combinations, f.i. PS1+PS2, PS1, PS2+PS3...
  • I swapped the power supplies to slot 1 and tried to power up.
  • I removed 3 CPUs and left only 1.
  • I removed all memory less than tray1 (with 2x4GB).
  • I removed the memory completely.
  • I removed all hard disks.

None of this improved the situation. I tried to look for logs via ILO3 but I cannot access (don't have former password) I tried to reseat the password with the system mantenaince switch S5=ON, but it does not reset the password, maybe it doesn't stay enough time powered up.

I see the alphanumeric display showing repeatly numbers 00 and 80, but I couldn't find its meaning.

I recorded a small video and uploaded to my public dropbox, maybe it helps:


Any advice is welcome.

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Re: HP proliant dl580 not booting

Hi there,

this is funny, I started to write to you because I was facing the same issues here with an old dl580 G7. I've troubleshooted the server in all the possible ways, swaping the Power supllies, even installing a new motherboard and nothing, well you can imagine how desesperated I was.

Then, as I said before, I started to wirite to you and at the same time I left the server ON, just going up and down itself, every 1 second. Let's say was like that for 5 minutes. Then suddenly booted, not problems at all, I have tested and everything looks fine. I really dont know what happened but now is working.

Exactly before I try to boot it without memories at all, giving me the display error of no memories. Then turned off and restarted with the memories installed.

I hope you can solve it.




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Re: HP proliant dl580 not booting


Funny to see an answer, I did give up on that sever a long time ago and I wasn't even checking the post anymore.

From your description you server looks a bit more "healthy", mine shows no signs and won't stay up for 5 min, just 4 power cycles and off again.

What do you mean by the display? A VGA screen connected or the status led indicators in the front of the server?

Thanks for giving me some hope!! :)



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Re: HP proliant dl580 not booting

Hey, I have the same issue actually. I've done many of the same steps myself. Most of the support I've been able to find assumes the system's running in some sort of active state, but mine just spools up for a bit and then falls back to standby and the health indicator flashes red. As I read through the support I see lots of people are talking about iLO stuff. People are talking about getting codes through iLO, but I don't think my system is even getting to that state. It just lights up and then goes back down.

Do I just need a new motherboard perhaps? I'm pretty sure it's not the ram. 

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Re: HP proliant dl580 not booting

i had the exactly same issue ... is there any new solution ??

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Re: HP proliant dl580 not booting

Hi everybody.

I had the problem for two weeks now, and I just solved it.

The computer was booting then shut down, 4 times. (Few seconds each time)

I tried to swap the motherboard, and the SPI board, but nothing.
Then I remove the PCI Express I/O expansion board, and it start working again.

In my case, I don't even need that card, that's a great news.

I hope it can help someone. 

Use this link if you dont know which card I'm talking about.