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HP proliant - re-install- rebuild


HP proliant - re-install- rebuild

First time in the forum, so if screw please tell me. thanks in advance.


Here's the problem. We have a HP Proliant ML150 G2 and disk (0) is failing (you know the fun disk). I can boot off of the mirrored disk but I need to replace the failing disk. The server is hot-swappable, here is the catch. The original installers of the server did not use the embedded RAID they used the server 2003 software RAID. So I can't pull out the bad disk and have it automatically rebuild itself. I talked to the original installers for them to do this correctly but they just it would cost as much money as new server.


so this is the option I have,

1. Make a system state of the sever and copy all data to somewhere safe.

2. Remove both existing HDD and install 2 new ones using the hardware RAID.

This is where I get a little lost. After creating the new RAID 1, do I then install the server software. Reboot under the (F8 boot special setting for a Domain) and then restore the system state? This should restore all settings, programs, data

or whatever as it was before, right?

Any help or different way to proceed is much appreciated, thanks Paul

Abhishek Bangalore
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Re: HP proliant - re-install- rebuild

Hello Paul,


I understand that you setup the server with software raid. Now you want to setup hardware RAID. 


Paul first of all in order to configure RAID you require software RAID as the hardware RAID is not possible with Ultra320 SCSI. Please refer this:


If, you are using any other controller please update the same. 




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Re: HP proliant - re-install- rebuild

my bad, the server has an embedded Apatec serial ATA controller (driver version and the HDD's are hot-swappable SATA's if this helps.


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Re: HP proliant - re-install- rebuild

You will need a floppy disk (or a bootable USB mem stick).


Copy, and boot.ini to the floppy.

Modify boot.ini to boot from the secodary disk.

reboot the server on the floppy.


Once Windows has booted:

Open disk manager.

Break the mirror.

Establish mirror.