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HP server SSD performance

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Jan Soska
Honored Contributor

HP server SSD performance

Hello all, we are looking for server ssd's suitable for massive write io as temp DB storage for MS SQL 2014.

During pre-purchase tests on Smart Array p830i (2GB cache) we have strange results - 2 ssd in raid0 configuration have the same performance as single ssd. In our test case it means 4500 iops random write with 4k block size, measured with Flexible IO Meter under Win 2012r2 on HP DL580 gen8. SSD Smart Path is enabled by default on controller. Random write performance corresponds with quickspecs for testing drives. Firmware and drivers at Sept 2014 level.


We expected much different results, generally double performance in raid0 setup when comparing single drive.


Is there anybody with similar experience? Should something be specially set in SSD setup in latest SmartArrays?


Help appreciated.





Jan Soska
Honored Contributor

Re: HP server SSD performance

Hello all, just small update:

testing the same setup under linux OS, which is native for Flexible IO Meter, gives us much different results.

SSD performs better as single drive, is raid0 setup os random perf scaling up, giving ~85% better IO perf than in single drive, similarly lowering latency by 50%.


so, raid is working as intended, problem was probably in windows port of testing tool.