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HP system management home page


HP system management home page

Hi Guys,


The power supply failed in Bay 1 @ HP Proliant DL385 G2 server.


we have replaced with new one , but HP system management home page say bay 1 power supply is  still failed.


Do i need to clear any logs or setting to fix the issue in HP home page?

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Re: HP system management home page

You can mark it repaired in the IML and see. With power supplies, normally I see the system automatically marks it as repaired when you replace it, but maybe that's only if I'm unplugging one supply for some reason and then plug it back in.

Does the new supply have a green light on it to show it's working?

What part of the SMH is saying it's bad... under the "System -> Power" section? If it's showing an error in there, I'm afraid the replacement supply didn't solve the problem. If the new supply has a green light though, that's strange.

A DL385 G2 is a pretty old server... might want to check the insides and make sure nothing is gunked up (contacts on the power supply slot), no large amounts of dust floating around. Even a nice clean server room will accumulate a healthy layer of dust after several years... some more than others.

I don't even know if the latest SMH and other management software still work okay on the G2 models, but if so I guess it won't hurt to make sure all of your drivers/firmware/software is up to date.

And try swapping power supplies to see if the problem follows the bay or the supply so you know what to look more closely at.
Robert Egloff
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Re: HP system management home page

Yes, otherwise - it should show 'good' almost right away. Maybe try restarting SNMP and the HP Insight Services also?