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HP system resources utilization

Oueld OOO
Occasional Contributor

HP system resources utilization

Hello Folks,

I have a bunch of HP servers (DL380, ML370, ...) under windows. How can I visulize each server system utilization (CPU %, RAM %, Disk % and network %).

Is there any freeware or tool out there on the web that can do that ?

Some years ago, I saw big brother tool but now it is not free anymore.

Thanks for your feedback
Michal Kapalka (mikap)
Honored Contributor

Re: HP system resources utilization


we are using linux server with Nagios+centreon + lot of plugins, monitored devices :

Windows / Linux / Unix

Storages ( high /midrange )

Tape Libraries

Netork infrastructures ( switches / routers / Wifi )....

services ...

from the HP check the HP SIM.

Occasional Visitor

Re: HP system resources utilization

Hi, im trying to configure NAgios+ Centreon ...

if you could explain how to configure a simple service like check_HP_powersupply, becouse im trying and didnt work yet... the msg

) UNKNOWN: SNMP error with snmp version 1 (Requested table is empty or does not exist)


In the $ARG$ box, what should i write? could you give me some examples about it?

We need to install something in the server? now im checking only the CPU, Memoty, Disk, Swap and Ping.

But now im trying to check other services (SQL, AD, Exchange, etc) and hardware status like power, FAN, Disk Status, Array Status, etc).


Thanks for your time and im sorry if my english isnt the best, but i think you will understand me...