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HP180 G6 w P212 - Unable to upd. FW on 12 bay backplane

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HP180 G6 w P212 - Unable to upd. FW on 12 bay backplane

Hi! I have a DL180 G6 with a P212 controller card and a 12bay backplane. The firmware on the P212 controller card is updated to 5.14. I also tried to update the firmware on the backplane from 2.08 to 2.18 but without any success (also tried 2.10 with the same result). I tried with the Easy Set-up CD on a USB stick and followed the instructions on the following page:

When i tried to execute the code it finds the scexe file but it says something similar to "No device updated".


I found another guide that described how to do updates via HP SUM instead. When i launched SUM it finds the file as an "unbundled component" but after it searched the target machine it says that everything is updated and it doesnt mention anything about the FW update.


Has anyone had the same problem or any suggestion what's causing this problem?


Thank you in advance