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HPE Compute 2017 Roadmap

Valued Contributor

HPE Compute 2017 Roadmap


We are in the process of replacing old Gen servers - both rack and blades, and for the planning, need to know the roadmap for HPE in 2017 and 2018. 

I have searched, and unable to find a clear answer. Though, heard about Synergy, and Gen 10 servers - but nothing concrete as to which compute models will be launched at the end of this year, or early next year.  

Can someone help pls ? 

Valued Contributor

Re: HPE Compute 2017 Roadmap

Don't we have any Admin/Moderators or someone from HPE who is a moderator in these forums ?  Someone from HPE who can take a look at threads and respond ?  

There is a major difference (with respect to response, activity and contents being pushed in) between these forums, vis a vis vmware or Cisco forums ! 


Re: HPE Compute 2017 Roadmap

HPE typically only announces what's available now.  You'll need to talk to your sales rep and sign a NDA if you want to know futures.

You may want to look at the server blogs for current info:



>Don't we have any Admin/Moderators or someone from HPE who is a moderator in these forums?


Moderators only moderate and don't know technical details.

This is a peer to peer forum, not an official HPE support site.
Have you tried contacting the HPESC?