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HPE DL 20 Gen 9 + ubuntu 16.04 - FAN noise

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HPE DL 20 Gen 9 + ubuntu 16.04 - FAN noise


DL 20 Gen 9 with latest firmware (bios and ILO),  fakeRAID B140i - disabled, SATA in AHCI mode. Ubuntu 16.04 installed normal, but FAN speed and noise too high. Via ILO FANS 1 and 2 speed 7% fan 3 speed 34%. No additional HW instaled in server (all from factory defaults).

What i can do with this ? Ubuntu 16.04 offical supported on this system. Server out of warranty, pls help.

P.S. I try install Ubuntu 14.x with enabled B140i and provided HPE driver for this fakeRAID - FAN and noise  normal. But i need install Ubuntu 16 on this server.

Tnx for help! 




Jimmy Vance
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Re: HPE DL 20 Gen 9 + ubuntu 16.04 - FAN noise

Tested my systems this morning and all my DL20 units are running fans at 6% with system set to AHCI running Linux.  Then I realized I have the option H240 controller and not using the embedded SATA controller.

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Re: HPE DL 20 Gen 9 + ubuntu 16.04 - FAN noise

Earplugs ;-)

There is a problem with the BIOS when additional cards are NOT installed.

Bottom line: Fans run much faster than normal and make a lot of noise.


I reported this as a problem and HP replaced the motherboard. As expected, it did not fix the problem.

I also reported it to Ubuntu but they were not interested in changing the compatibility page.