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HPE DL20 Gen10 - Storage Options

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HPE DL20 Gen10 - Storage Options

Dear community

I have some questions on the HPE DL20 Gen10 storage options:

1) There is the option to configure a modular smart array controller which does not occupy a PCIe slot such as E-208i-a SR or P408i-a SR. What happens if both PCIe slots on the riser are populated in addition to the modular smart array controller?
Intel E-2100 processors only have 16 PCIe lanes to the CPU which are already covered by both PCIe slots (each is x8 wired). Is one of the PCIe slots disabled if the modular smart array controller is in place, or is the controller connected via the C242 chipset (and not directly to CPU)?

2) There is the option to use a M.2 nvme ssd in the respective mainboard slot. The data sheet says that it is PCIE x2 wired, Is it connected directly to the CPU or connected via the C242 chipset?

Thanks for clarification



Re: HPE DL20 Gen10 - Storage Options


1. The Controller slot, called the Smart Array modular controller connector (AROC), communicates to the C242 chipset and the PCIe cards installed on the riser cage, communicates to the Processor.

No slots will be disabled by installing both the PCIe cards in the riser cage and the controller in AROC.

2. The M.2 drives are connected to the Chipset.