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HPE DL380G7 internal NIC's can't be enabled

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HPE DL380G7 internal NIC's can't be enabled



I bought a Dl380 G7 a few weeks ago, second hand, and running into issues with the config of NIC #3 and #4.

These Broadcom BCM5709C NIC ports are disabled when entered the config tool via crtl+s during startup.

I noticed that making changes to the 2 couple of NIC's takes more time to save and the changes are not stored!

For the port #1 and #2 no issues what so ever.

I have cleared the NVRAM this morning and that made no change to the configuration possibilities.

What i noticed in the end, when comparing all the settings between ports 1/2 and ports 3/4 is the MAC address!

the second couple of ports use the same MAC address.


Is that normal? could I change that? could this be the reason for my issues?


P.S. I am not a professional user, so i do not have access to a lot of Documentation from HP, as I do not want to pay a fortune for that. I also do not have access to the SPP/SmartStart/SUM/what so ever tooling. 

I did manage to update some drivers however and also the bios is most recent I believe: P67:05/28/2018

Reactions from experts are welcome, as I do not want to put in another NIC PCI card to take care of the loss of 50% of my bandwidth at the moment.


Re: HPE DL380G7 internal NIC's can't be enabled

MAC addresses are unique per network port. This server model has 4 NIC ports onboard.

Having same MAC address on two different network ports is not normal. This could be a possible hardware failure(System Board).

One option is to reset the server to a factory default & check if that makes any change to the NIC port MAC addresses, if not, it is better to add a PCI NIC adapter rather than replacing the System Board.

Thank you

I am an HPE employee
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