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HPE DL380p GEN8 iLO4 Self Test Error


HPE DL380p GEN8 iLO4 Self Test Error

Ok We have a few servers showing iLO 4 has detected a self-test error. For details, consult the iLO 4 Server and iLO 4 Diagnostics page.

The diagnostics page indicates:

Embedded Flash/SD-CARD: Embedded media initialization failed due to media write-verify failure.

Embedded Flash/SD-CARD: Media controller exception 01.

We can still get an IP and log in with no problems but we see the message on every reboot.

Actually after we updated the firmware to 2.55, the message went away on the next reboot but then returned on subsequent reboots.

We have tried:

-NVRAM initialization

-Factory Resetting the server through BIOS

-Updating all firmwares to the latest

We actually have maybe 1 in 10 servers giving this issue so thats pretty signifigant.

These are being processed for resale so we would like to find out:

1. Why is the error happening

2. Is there a way to fix that problem

3. Is this a system board issue as the iLO 4 is embedded on the system board.

Thank you for your time and comments. I appreciate it!20171003_164536_resized.jpg20171003_164035_resized.jpg

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Re: HPE DL380p GEN8 iLO4 Self Test Error

How did you acccess the iLO4 diag page? I am seeing the same error.


Re: HPE DL380p GEN8 iLO4 Self Test Error

You just log in to iLO and go to the iLO Event Log under Information. Here is a better shot of the menu... If you can't get an IP through DHCP or use F8 to configure the iLO when the server is booting then I would guess it is a defective iLO chip.

Right now this is looking like a system board issue as the iLO is embedded so that would not be very good quality control if every 1 in 10 iLO chips are failing after 3 - 5 years....especially when that feature is such plays a major role in server administration.