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HPE DL380p GEN8 iLO4 Self Test Error

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Re: HPE DL380p GEN8 iLO4 Self Test Error

Formatting the NAND with the option FORMAT NAND inside the iLO web page fix it for me.

Then I booted an USB with the Intelligent Provisioning REPAIR ISO and I could update the Intelligent Provisioning for the last version without a problem.

Now the NAND is ok, and I can boot the Intelligent Provisioning boot option without any problem.

My corruption started while i wanted to update Intelligent Provisioning from insider the booted one and when it started to update it couldn't do it. With these or I corrupted my NAND or I had it corrupted from the beginning and that's why the update couldn't pass through from inside the Intelligent Provisioning

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Re: HPE DL380p GEN8 iLO4 Self Test Error

team i have replace system board on HP ProLiant DL360p Gen 8, but while rebooting on bios system get stuck at 68%

iLo embedded health initialization

after above error system not moving further.

Present Ilom Version:2.70 may 07 2019

Please advise


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Re: HPE DL380p GEN8 iLO4 Self Test Error

This is actually a thread about iLO Self Test errors which have been pretty much resolved from iLO updates.

Please start a new thread next time!

As always start with minimum configuration - one power supply & one cpu & one memory - nothing else - no cards no disks.

If you have the same issue then try NVRAM init as shown in the hardware maintenance manual.

Also connect to the iLO and see if theres anything in the logs as it is a separate system.

Last resort try another system board

Have a great day Hope that helps!

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