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Re: HPE DL3x0 Gen10 Chassis Intrusion Detection Kit


HPE DL3x0 Gen10 Chassis Intrusion Detection Kit

When a chassis intrusion detection kit has been place in a proliant dl3x00 kit the system will generate via ILO a log code in the ILO logs.

is anyone having experience or a "how-to" procedure that explains how a server can react ( shutdown/ refuse to start) when this kind of alert is detected on a server.

customer wants to use for protecting softwares/databases ==> PKI running on a server


thanks for your help !


Re: HPE DL3x0 Gen10 Chassis Intrusion Detection Kit

Hi Chris,

 chassis intrusion detection kit provides a physical connection from the chassis board and hood and detects any physical intrusion into the chassis, providing security during the entire supply chain process of shipping, receiving, distribution, and operation.



I am a HPE Employee

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Re: HPE DL3x0 Gen10 Chassis Intrusion Detection Kit

sinrath ....

    the whole question is "operational".  The custom considers his data compromissed when the  intrusion is detected  and he don't wants that his  PKI environment is not starting anymore.

the intrusion detection kit detects when it is opened and logs the fault  into ILO log files.

I'm trying to fidn out "how you can stop a system that detects the opening of the chassis or how a system refuses to start when there has been an intrusion.

root of security is great, but this an operational issue .... and  it seems very basic.

how to react on an intrusion ?