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Re: HPE E208i-p offline config

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HPE E208i-p offline config


I'm not on a UEFI server, but understand this card supports Legacy as well. If I try to boot from offline HP SSA, I get told USB booting is not supported in legacy mode. I'm using Will any of the slightly older ones work?

This server doesn't have embedded optical drive either, so if I use a USB optical drive does HP SSA see that differently to a USB stick and load OK?

I literally only need to create a RAID 1 for Windows OS install!


Jimmy Vance
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Re: HPE E208i-p offline config

I don't recall what the last version of SSA that booted on legacy BIOS systems., but it probably wouldn't have support for the E208 since this is a Gen 10 controller.  You could use the ProLiant Scripting Toolkit and use the CLI tools

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Re: HPE E208i-p offline config

You could launch the SSA from Intelligent provisioning pressing F10 on POST , and also deploy OS using the Assisted OS Installation on Intelligent Provisioning.. 

You could mount OS image via USB or use the ILO vitual media option if ILO is configured on your server 

Reference  : Intelligent Provisioning User Guide for HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers :

I am an HPE Employee
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Re: HPE E208i-p offline config

Thanks for the replies.

It turns out that offline SSA does indeed work ok from optical drive, even USB-connected ones. So all good.

This is a 100 series Gen6 server so doesn't have F10 intelligent provisioning or any other modern fancy HP stuff!