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HPE G2 Series iPDU limited to 5 SNMP managers

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HPE G2 Series iPDU limited to 5 SNMP managers

We have recently started deploying the new HPE G2 Series Metered, Switched, and Metered & Switched Power Distribution Units and we have found that these are limited to 5 SNMP Manager entires.

Our customers have a requirement for 40+ SNMP managers for their R&D testing.

Does anyone have any information on how we might be able to configure additional SNMP managers beyond the 5 that it seems to allow or is this a product limitation?

There doesn't seem to be much SNMP Manager specific information out there, other than configuring them.

Any guidance is appreciated.


Re: HPE G2 Series iPDU limited to 5 SNMP managers

Battery status, power status, events, and traps can be monitored using third-party SNMP managers. SNMP monitoring supports the RFC-1628 MIB and the HPE Power MIB (CPQPOWER.MIB).To query SNMP data, you do not need to add SNMP Mangers to the Notified Application page.In the third-party SNMP manager, configure the IP address of the UPS Network Module, select SNMP V1 or V1&V3, and then compile either CPQPOWER.MIB or UPS.MIB (RFC1628) to be monitored by the SNMP manager.The HPE Power MIB (CPQPOWER.MIB) can be downloaded from the Hewlett Packard Enterprise website ( 

You can refer to the below web pages for more information :

page 54


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