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HPE ML10 gen9 RAID card issue

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HPE ML10 gen9 RAID card issue


We have a ml10 gen9 that we have been running with onboard raid for about a year without any issues, we have come to the point where we have ran out of data and need to expand. We have purchased an Adaptec 51645 raid card to expand into and are having issues getting started.

The raid card has been tested on win 2012 r2 and works however we cannot seem to get it to work on our system after many different configurations in the bios and disks.

When we insert the raid card and use UEFI only setting the bios hangs and we get nowhere, when we boot using legacy we get a flashing ‘_’ and gets no further.

We have an intel xeon v5 processor, 32gb ecc ram, intel dual gigabit nic.

We have also ensure that the bios is up to date and is running 1.08.

Any information will be greatly appreciated as we are at the end of the tether after spending all day on it.