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HPE ML110 G10 Replacement Bezel

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HPE ML110 G10 Replacement Bezel

Hello, I was wondering if I might have better luck here. We bought a new ML110 G10 that was damaged during handling and the front bezel cracked, the server works fine however if at all possible we would love to have a new nice looking bezel.
I've contacted support a few times, including parts and sales after being redirected and no luck.
Case # 5345112807 I did see another person with the same issue get a replacement on here so I'm hoping I can as well!


Re: HPE ML110 G10 Replacement Bezel

I was going to say this is an easy question to answer but it seems it's not listed in the Spare parts catalog nor in part surfer.


Notes to HPe: you guys should update that.


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Re: HPE ML110 G10 Replacement Bezel

This may seem a little bit counter-intuitive but if a unit is damaged in shipping then HPE expects you to go through a Sales return process with the seller (even if it is HPE) rather than try to fix it yourself via the Support side of HPE   

You might now ask: Why not ship a "piece of plastic" vs. an entire new server?  Well the expectation is that packaging and delivery is of high enough quality that nothing breaks on the way -- in that way we're holding ourselves (and our suppliers and shippers)  to a higher standard than a company that accepts breakage and provides the spare.   The case you referenced seems to have been referred to sales, and that is the best path I know of.     

Why can't you find a spare? Generally in the servers business we do not stock or "spare" sheet metal and bezel pieces for customer self repair mostly because they do not break in normal service and, almost never impact the performance if they do.   Again the sales return process takes care of the 'broken at receipt" issues, and frankly, most people don't care once the server isn't new. 

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