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HPE ML110 Gen9 Memory Speed

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HPE ML110 Gen9 Memory Speed

Hi all,

Need some advice. I recently bought a HPE ML110 gen9 server with a xeon E5-1603v3. I upgraded this CPU to an E5-2697 v3 (14 core) and installed Samsung 2-Rank PC-17000 memory (8 x 16gb @ 128gb). All works fine, however looking at the memory speed, it is only running at 1866mhz, this is despite the memory reporting a max frequency of 2133mhz in iLO.

Any idea what is going on, and are there any solutions to get the memory working at its correct speed? I've been scratching my head about this for a while and have found no solution. There appears to be absolutely no way of changing memory speed settings in the bios either. Really annoying knowing that my hardware is not running as fast as it should be and that I have absolutely no control over it.


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Re: HPE ML110 Gen9 Memory Speed

Well answering my own question, it seems that using just 2 sticks puts the memory speed at 2133mhz. I haven't tried it with 4 or 6 sticks but I assume there is a cutoff point where the memory will fall back to a slower speed if a certain number of modules are installed.. Why is this? There doesn't seem to be any mention of this 'feature' in the manual? Unless I'm missing something?!


Re: HPE ML110 Gen9 Memory Speed

Kindly refer the memory population guidelines and the supported DIMM parts in the following document.

It is always recommended to use the manufacturer recommended parts as added options to the equipment.

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