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HPE ML310e Gen8 v2 - P420 Controller wrong temperature readings from iLO 4 and HP SSA

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HPE ML310e Gen8 v2 - P420 Controller wrong temperature readings from iLO 4 and HP SSA

First post here - Hello Everyone ;)

So we have upgraded from B120i controller to P420 - sitting in Slot 3.

We have RAID 10 setup with 4 Sata - 1TB HDDs.

Server is sitting in room without Air-conditioning. Room temps are between 25 - 29 Celcius. Now, it's been 3 years that our server is running 24h/day without any failure.

All server components are up to date with firmware and drivers (double checked). I'm using regulary ProLiant Service Packs (latest is from April 2017). Among others: iLO has 2.53 firmware, P420 has 8.00).

Temps reported by iLO for all components are very cool, except P420 controller.

No matter what temperature is in the room P420 controller temps are always:

  - reported by iLO - 85 (controller)

 - reported by HP SSA - 88/43/28 (controller/cache module/battery)

I know, that controller temps goes up and down only from fans going faster and slower. Normally, for 3 years, fans were at: 5% and 9% (front and rear one) no matter room temps. Now, after P420 installation they are at: 14% and 23% raising to 15% and 29% when room temp is 29 Celcius. (still rather silent to me which is nice).

Now, don't get me wrong, nothing is bad with my server and setup from my point of view, I'm just curious, why iLO 4 and HP SSA give me different temps readings. From what I know after forum reading, this controller had some issues with different servers but appereantly all flaws were patched with firmware. Some users have temps from 50 C to 90 C and I'm almost 100% sure that it's because from false sensor readings or something similar.

Any tips or tricks here masterminds?


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Re: HPE ML310e Gen8 v2 - P420 Controller wrong temperature readings from iLO 4 and HP SSA

A little update on this one. I asked HP tech. for help. I sent them AHS log and ADU log. =======================================================

Basically, this controller just works with those temps. I made simple test. I set up cooling scheme to " Increased Cooling" in bios. Fans were set up constantly at 65% - both. And guess what, P420 temp was: 63 C. Room temp at the time of the test was 29 C. When I switched back to cooling scheme to "Optimal Cooling", fans set up at: 15% front and 29% back. P420 temp - 85C. When it hits 86% fans set up at 16% and 31%, when temps dropped to 85% fans are at steady 15% and 29%. Like I read somewhere, 85C is a so called set point for this controller. Server will do whatever it takes to maintain this temperature - 85C - even if it will have to set up both fans at 100%. HP tech said, that they know this behaviour and it should be fixed in the next controller firmware update. In my personal opinion, set point temp. should be lower - around 75C. Mind, that even if room temp was 21C, controller was still at 85C. Inside airflow is the key here.