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HPE Proliant gen10 plus display issue

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HPE Proliant gen10 plus display issue



I have an when my gen10 plus tries to boot. I read that the display port won't work until the system has an OS installed for it, so i'm using a VGA > HDMI converter, which works to get the boot screen, it then goes through the initialization, but gives me a message of

"Switching console output to primary video, please wait"

After this the screen goes black, nothing visible, no output from VGA or DP. The VGA > HDMI converter is clearly working as we get the initial output, but after that it's switching to some other primary video which i can't see.

Tried posting a screenshot, but wouldnt let me.


Re: HPE Proliant gen10 plus display issue


You have confirmed server works till the POST, I think you get the blank screen while the server tries to go to the OS.

It is a limitation of the OS that will only allow multiple of the same type of Video controllers to work at the same time. OS will not allow another kind of video driver to load when one different type of Video driver is already loaded. This is not specific to our ProLiant server. It will apply to other vendor servers as well. Our server RBSU has an option to select "Add-in and Embedded Video Enabled" but this will only apply if another same type of video controller is installed.

I can suggest try the below steps.

  1. Enable Embedded Video Connection. From the System Utilities screen,

select System Configuration > BIOS/Platform Configuration (RBSU) > Advanced Options > Embedded Video Connection.

  1. Log in to iLO Go to "Security" -> enable "VGA Port Detect Overrode" and click "Apply",
  2. the configuration is completed.

NOTE: Make sure server bios and all firmware should be updated with the latest, if not update the latest SPP 2020.03.0

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