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HPE Secure Encryption on P840

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HPE Secure Encryption on P840

I'm getting ready to impliment Secure Encryption and undersand the fundementals but before I do any work I cant seem to find out a few things:

1 - Can I encryot a non-plantext logical drive preserving existing data while things are online.

2 - Is there any issue doing local key managment and entering the key through an iLO remote session?

3 - Verifying the terminology, a Volitile Key means the key is not preserved through reboots or other power events, I would assume this is the default behavior so I found it odd that it needs to be enabled. 



Re: HPE Secure Encryption on P840


These may answer your questions:

Thank You!
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Re: HPE Secure Encryption on P840

Sorry, I already reviewed both and neither answers the questions I presented.

Thanks for your reply though, maybe someone with practical knowledge can assist here.