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HPE System Management Homepage and G10s

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HPE System Management Homepage and G10s

I understand from this memo that the HPE Management Homepage is no longer available on my HP DL 380 G10s.   

Great.   What else should I be using to determing what is going on, from a HW perspective?    

I have a G10 that I just installed with a bad HDD in my array... 

(I also understand that HW monitoring via Solarwinds is also changed).  It worked perfectly with my G9s, so now what?     This client never centrally managed their servers, just connecting to them when needed







Jimmy Vance

Re: HPE System Management Homepage and G10s

You can get all the health information via iLO 5. If you install AMS on the host you can get even more information.  Not familiar with Solarwinds, but I think you just point to the iLO IP to get the SNMP data

Good place to start


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Re: HPE System Management Homepage and G10s

from a hardware perspective, iLO Amplifier Pack and InfoSight should accomplish what you're looking for. Technically iLO Amplifier by itself would accomplish what you seem to be looking for, but then you might as well also put your servers in InfoSight as well.