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HPQLOCFG utility - bug with -s server name containing "-"

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HPQLOCFG utility - bug with -s server name containing "-"

Not sure where else to file a bug report but wanted to try and get it fixed somehow.


I'm using the HPQLOCFG (v1.0.0 dated 07/22/2013) utility to script ILO changes across my environment.  My ILO DNS names all contain "-ilo" in the name, like xxyyyzzz-ilo.  The utility doesn't seem to like that I have a "-" in the name after declaring "-s" and having the server name follow, like this:


C:\>HPQLOCFG -s xxyyyzzz-ilo -u blah -p foo -f myscript.xml


HP Lights-Out Configuration Utility- HPQLOCFG v.1.0.0 dated 07/22/2013

(c) Hewlett-Packard Company, 2013


Invalid arguments passed.

HPQLOCFG.exe -s [servername|ipaddress]|[:port] -l [logfilename] -f [input filena
me] -v -c -u [username] -p [password] -t [name1=value1,name2=value2...]


        -s servername is the DNS name of target server.
        -s ipaddress is the IP Address of the target server.
           If a port is not specified, the port will default to :443.



If I take out the "-" before ilo in the server name, I get a different error, which is correct:


ERROR: Unable to connect or Detect iLO for: xxyyyzzzilo
Exception:No such host is known


This is NOT a DNS problem.  My ILO names ping just fine and I browse to them all the time. 


I beleive that the program is not correctly dealing with having "-" in the name because it thinks it's an extra argument being passed at the command line.   I have tried quoting it as well to get it to take it literally but no luck.


Hopefully someone internally will see this and flag as a bug to be fixed in a newer version.


Jimmy Vance

Re: HPQLOCFG utility - bug with -s server name containing "-"

I'll pass along your findings to the iLO team.



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Jimmy Vance

Re: HPQLOCFG utility - bug with -s server name containing "-"

Occasional Contributor

Re: HPQLOCFG utility - bug with -s server name containing "-"



Yes, this bug is gone in version 1.1.0.  It's not mentioned specifically in the release notes but I have confirmed my issue is no longer occuring.


Thank you for the lead on this newer version.  I didn't see anything newer than 1.0 linked to the ILO4 software download page.