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HPSM login Issues

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HPSM login Issues

Hi All, 

We are facing login issues on HPSM on server DL380 Gen9 . After our observation we found that config file has removed our admin group from config file after reboot. Not sure why this happening and this issue randomly increased on other servers as well. So we raised case with HP team they suggested to update HPSM version on servers but with lower version on other servers its working  fine.


Please provide your valuable input to fix this this issue.



Re: HPSM login Issues

Hello Sir,

pls follow up below steps if still issue is following up plls reach HPE support team for further assist.

To specify the location for the branding files, follow these steps:
1. On the web tier host, create a folder (for example, C:/customize). This folder is the root folder to store
your branding image files, such as your custom images files, and your branding settings in the branding
menu. In this folder, Service Manager saves your color and font settings in a branding.xml file and
custom images in a subfolder named branding-images.
You must have write access to this folder.
Backslash is used in the folder directory in Windows by default, but to be compatible with other
platforms, we suggest using slash instead.
2. Stop the web application server.
3. Specify the folder location in the customize-folder web parameter. In the following example, we add
C:/customize to the parameter value field:
4. Restart the web application server.
To apply the branding settings from one web tier to another, copy the customization folder you created
from the source web tier to the target web tier.

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