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HPSUM 6.2 Troubles

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HPSUM 6.2 Troubles

Someone tell me why it's so difficult to update a server using the new 6.2 HPSUM


The old Proliant Support Packs worked time after time. I've tried installing 6.2 on 3 machines and none of them will get up and work. I'm so frustrated. Updating a server used to take 30 mins. Now I've spent days just trying to complete the initial inventory. You're going backwards HP.


Theres very little useful documentation to follow with this software also. I have installed it on a non HP machine, just my local tower like I used to, and it will always fail the localhost inventory - yes b/c it's not an HP. I've also tried it on some DL360P G8, and a DL360p G6. None work.


So. I'm kind of lost where to begin - I can't even find the "Check the logs for errors" logfile that it's referring to so that I can begin to troubleshoot this. I did get the W2012R2 support pack installed - but that fails on my baseline of 2012R2 servers too.

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Re: HPSUM 6.2 Troubles

Same problem, three servers (Dl380 G8). All of them error: inventory error... nothing in the logfiles...
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Re: HPSUM 6.2 Troubles

I just figured it's about time to update some firmware on some of my HP servers. The company used to be all IBM but when I took over as admin I started buying HP because I loved how easy SmartStart and HPSUMS works. It's so simple.. it just works.. even checkes online for latest version also... 

Well.. I guess someone at HP went and "updated" HPSUMS.. What the heck did you monsters do!! I got my first Gen8 server a couple months ago.. and this new SmartStart replacement thing is a disaster.. it simply does not work... and when I called for support they have NOTHING to offer.. no logs to look at nothing.. just duhh.. I don't know..

And now I go and get HPSUMS and find it's been distroyed!! How can you take tool like the old HPSUMS and totally mess it up this bad!

I simply never had a problem with the old SUMS! It updated locally.. it updated networked machines.. it just woked... 

This new one does not! It's TRASH.

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Re: HPSUM 6.2 Troubles



Did you run the hpsum.bat "As administrator" ?

If not inventory just fails with no explanation, no log, no way to put in credentials...