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HPSUM 9.30 with Win Server 2008 R2

Rothfuchs, Hans-Georg
Occasional Advisor

HPSUM 9.30 with Win Server 2008 R2



we try to update win server 2008 r2 server and agents using hpsum v9.30

But we get a discovery failure 113 during the discovery manager task.

The agent reports a socket error, the remote server "df 113" when ask for the ip address of the agent.

The admin$ share exits, the file and sharing option at the target is enabled.


The HP service has up to now no solution.


What could i do else, as a win server 2003 r2 agent makes no problems?


Thanks and regards,



Re: HPSUM 9.30 with Win Server 2008 R2



If you receive HP SUM Connection Error or Discovery Failed messages, follow these troubleshooting tips:

• Ensure your workstation does not have an existing connection to the ADMIN$ share on the target IP address. If it does, it prevents HP SUM from connecting to the remote server’s share because Windows only allows one connection from a client to a server’s share. This can be verified by entering net use at a command prompt. If a share to the target IP address \admin$ share exists, delete it, and then attempt the installation again.
• Ensure that the target IP address server’s admin$ share is accessible. Validate the target server can be accessed by entering net use x: \\<ip_address_or_dns_name>\admin$ for the target server IP address or DNS name. When the connection is validated, ensure that it is deleted by entering net use x: /d at the command prompt.
• Ensure the user ID being used to connect to the target IP address server is part of the administrator’s or Linux root equivalent group. If it is not, HP SUM blocks installation to the target.
• Ensure WMI is enabled and running on all Windows target servers.
• For Windows target servers, enter the user name in DOMAIN\USER format, where <user> is the administrative user name, and <domain> is either the NETBIOS computer name or the Active Directory domain name for this user account.
• Ensure the firewall ports on any routers in the network.
• The Symantec Endpoint Protection product blocks HP SUM ability to communicate with remote targets if the Network Threat Analysis feature is enabled. Disable this feature while HP SUM is in use on the workstation.
• Examine the trace directories for connection problems.
• Ensure the server has a valid serial number.



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Rothfuchs, Hans-Georg
Occasional Advisor

Re: HPSUM 9.30 with Win Server 2008 R2



thank you for your advices. Most of these cases are not applicable for us. The others have no influence.

We have examined much changes and found that the line " localhost" in the hosts file of

the target makes problems.

I talked to the HP service about and wait for an explanation.


So, thanks again and bye, bye