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HPSUM PSP 8.00 Silent Install prompts

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HPSUM PSP 8.00 Silent Install prompts

I am having an issue with HPSUM and PSP 8.00.

During my post install setup I run the HPSUM or SetupC.exe executable to do a silent install of PSP 8.00 on Windows Server 2003 Sp2.

The server I am experiencing the issue on is a DL385g2. I have tried the following:
hpsum /use_latest /silent
hpsum /use_latest /silent /ss
hpsum /use_latest /express_install /silent
setupc.exe /use-latest

When HPSUM installs the NIC driver, it determines that some HP drivers are not installed (log added below), then installs them. After those are installed the "Found New Hardware Wizard" pops up and needs manual manipulation to continue running the PSP install.

Does anyone have a method of being able to supress that wizard or deploying the PSP in a truely silent method? I did not have this issue with the older generations of servers.

Here is the log entry of the driver I belive I am having an issue with:
====== HP Smart Update Manager Installation Log ======
Setup Session Beginning 4/9/2007 - 0:38:21 AM

Command Line Parameters Given: /force /silent

Name: HP NC-Series Multifunction Driver for Windows Server 2003
New Version:

Beginning Silent Session...

The software is not installed on this system, but is supported for

- the component will be installed

HP Virtual Bus Device is not running. All required drivers will be

HP Multifunction Gigabit Server Adapter driver was installed.

HP iSCSI Device driver was installed.

HP Diag Driver was installed.

HP Virtual Bus Device will be installed.

HP Virtual Bus Device installation was successful.

The operation was successful.

End Session
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Re: HPSUM PSP 8.00 Silent Install prompts

Is anyone doing a Silent install of PSP 8.00?


andoni papaleontiou_1
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Re: HPSUM PSP 8.00 Silent Install prompts

hi, i have used hpsum to install psp 8 silently, however i have not had an issue with network card drivers. i imagine you'll have to get your NICs working properly then you can install the psp automatically.

is your windows install an image?
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Re: HPSUM PSP 8.00 Silent Install prompts

No, it is an unatteded install.

I do not have a desire to add the drivers to the installation.

Since HP has moved to the broadcom NICs, they have been nothing but a headache.

Melissa O'Brien
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Re: HPSUM PSP 8.00 Silent Install prompts

We were wrestling with intalls of that driver on our DL580 G5. If you run that CP manually, do you get the same issue?

HP asked us to use a much older version of that driver (from PSP 7.8 I think) but have not released a version that installs properly yet.

Note: This server was not a fresh Windows install on a DL580 G5, it was a restore of a server from a previous model. Nonetheless, HP advised us to try a previous version of the driver and said they have a fix for the "found new hardware" issue to be released soon. It is not present in PSP 8.1 so we just wait...
Tony Cresswell
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Re: HPSUM PSP 8.00 Silent Install prompts

I have the same problem but have found that its not the NIC install thats causing it.

I find that during a silent HPSUM install if the New Hardware Wizard dialog box is open it causes quite a few driver installs to fail.

If you close the dialog box manually the HPSUM finishes successfully (including the NIC drivers).

I tried killing the rundll32.exe process, which spawns this dialog box but unfortunately after a period of time the wizard reappears and breaks everything.