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HPSUM can't push firmware updates to client

Occasional Contributor

HPSUM can't push firmware updates to client

Hi All,


I have HPSUM installed on a physical redhat 5 server and I'm trying to install firmware updates on a remote client which has the same hardware (DL380 G7) and OS.


I'm using this command:


hpsum -s /dryrun /use_location /var/hp/hp_sum/Repository/ /target <FQDN of server> /veryverbose /LOGDIR "/home/<myhomedir>" /username root /password **********


I get the error message:


Starting Discovery

Exception: Cannot proceed with update, local HP SUM instance is detected. Remote termination of local HP SUM is not allowed

//  Exit Code for Target -1


I interpret the error message as meaning HPSUM thinks HPSUM is already running on the remote client but I know for sure it isn't.


Any idea's?


Many thanks




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