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Edwin den Heijer
Occasional Visitor



I would like an installable version of hpsum, which can be installed on all our hp proliant servers running windows 2003. From this point create the *.cmd file for hpsum to start with: hpsum /use_location \\w3zkhcs32\pspfirmwarex86x64 /current_credential /allow_update_to_bundle /allow_non_bundle_components /override_existing_connection /continue_on_error servernotfound bp000526.xml bp000527.xml

Copied all the psp 8.15 for i386, x64 and firmware cd 8.30 in the directory pspfirmwarex86x64.

My problem now is that it runs fine but when i want to install the software and firmware on the server i get an error: unable to run component due to acces error. But all the rights are correct, full admin and so on.

Please heLP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!