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HUGE ProLiant ML350, NetWare 5.1, & eDirectory 8.7 Issue

Katie Wohlers
Occasional Visitor

HUGE ProLiant ML350, NetWare 5.1, & eDirectory 8.7 Issue

For the past 3 weeks now we have been banging our heads against the desk with an issue with 4 ProLiant ML350's running NW 5.1. We upgraded our tree from NDS 7.61 to eDirectory 8.7.

After the upgrade the ML350's would not stay in synch and we were unable to open network apps from or copy data to these 4 servers. Copying data from these servers went fine.

After much work with Novell on this issue and no resolution we looked into a possible hardware conflict. All 4 servers had the newest support packs for both Novell and HP.

These servers do not have arrays and that left the network card as a possible culprit. We down-graded the network card driver from 7.03 to 6.38 and IT WORKS!!! These servers now sync like a charm and work like they had never been touched.

The network card in these 4 is the following:
Compaq/HP NC3163 Fast Ethernet Embedded NIC

Just wanted to let people know of this. I hope that this is able to help others out as this forum has helped us out many times before.

Katie Wohlers