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Hard Disk upgrade problems

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Hard Disk upgrade problems

I have a Proliant ML350 g5 server with Windows 2003 server standard r2, 2  Sata 80 Gb HDD's in array 1+0. I need upgrade the hdd for this I have 2 Sata 500 Gb HDD's ( N/P: 458928-b21 ). I cloned the HDD ( I tried Norton ghost, r-drive and Acronis true image ), removed the 80 Gb HDD and installed the 500 GB HDD, when a Power on the server the array accept the new HDD's but when the SO Should start the server show this message " Error Loading Operating System ".


If I install the 500 Gb cloned HDD in a normal PC the SO works without problems.


I will appreciate any help, Thanks.

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Re: Hard Disk upgrade problems

I read maybe with a bios upgrade I can solve the problem but I'm not sure about that.


Re: Hard Disk upgrade problems



If you have 128 BBWC in this server you may increase the hard drive capacity without using any software


Addition of the battery backed cache upgrade enables BBWC, RAID 5, Capacity Expansion, RAID migration, and Stripe Size Migration.


To increase the capacity:


  • ensure latest system BIOS and smart array Controller firmware
  • Make sure you have BBWC installed
  • Replace one hard drive with higher capacity hard drive, Open ACU and monitor the rebuild status.
  • Replace the other hard drives one by one once previously replaced hard drive is completly rebuilt
  • Once all the hard drives are replaced in an array, you may extend the logical drive or create new logical drive using the additional space.
  • Additional space can be used within OS, you can create new partition or extend the size of existing partitons.


hope this helps,


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