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Hard Drive Replacement: Compaq ProLiant DL380 G2

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Hard Drive Replacement: Compaq ProLiant DL380 G2

I am trying to rebuild a Compaq ProLiant DL380 G2, which I've done several times over the years, but for some reason I am unable to get the Windows 2000 Server installation CD to see the newly installed hard drives. I have to be missing something easy, I've never had this issue before. Here's the rundown of things:

The server had two RAID0 drives in an array, one of which failed recently. I decided to pull all the drives and put in just one new one for now. I erased the system using the Compaq System Erase utility off the SmartStart CD. Immediately after I am prompted to choose a default language (English) and input the current date/time. I then choose the "Manual Installation". Eventually I end up at the Compaq Array Configuration Utility where I create an array, add the single drive too it, save the configuration, and then exit the ACU.

Immediately after the SmartStart CD installs the System Partition Utilities, then prompts me to insert my operating system (Windows 2000 Server) installation CD and click "Continue".

At this point Windows tells me that no drive can be found. The Array Configuration Utility clearly sees the drive. What am I doing wrong?

Re: Hard Drive Replacement: Compaq ProLiant DL380 G2

You choose manual installation!!.

There's the root caurse.

Beware. When you're running manual installation, you get no help on the OS installation, wich mean, you will have to load the driver for the smart array controller, using F6 when prompted by windows.

If you run assisted installation, all drivers will be installed for you, and snmp etc. get configured correctly.


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