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Hard Drive Upgrades

Tim McDermott
Occasional Visitor

Hard Drive Upgrades

I have a Proliant 800, dual ppro 200 512k. I currently have 2 ST234371W drives. I would like to know which drives I can upgrade this system to.

Ron Amos
Valued Contributor

Re: Hard Drive Upgrades

I was not able to determine what your present Hard Drives are by information supplied. But a Proliant 800 stock uses Non-Pluggable Hard Drives and it can be upgraded with:
336370-B21 Wide Ultra SCSI-3 18GB 10K RPM
336369-B21 Wide Ultra SCSI-3 9GB 10K RPM
339509-B21 Wide Ultra SCSI-3 9GB 7200 RPM
You will need to check current availability

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