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Hard Drive problems

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Hard Drive problems

Hi all,

I have a Proliant DL360 G5 server. It has 2 hard drives in Raid 1. Couple of days ago I powered it off to blow the dust out. When I turned it back on, the P400i controller wouldn't find the second hard drive any more. The hard drive has an amber light. Tried re-seating it again a few times, no change. Put in new hard drive, still no go. Took the server's cover off and re-seated the cable that connected the drive-bay to the controller. Still nothing.

I booted from HP's Advanced Configuratin Utility and it also reports that the second drive is not seen (the old or the new replacement one).

Here is what I'm thinking to do, althoug it may sound a bit crazy:

Pull out all hard drives and put in 2 new blank ones. Then power on the server and delete the configured logical drive and create a new one. Hopefully when I delete the old and create the new, both hard drives will be seen. Once it's all done and is all good, power off the server, put back in the old hard drives and cross fingers and they will go.

Or any other suggestion?

Jimmy Vance

Re: Hard Drive problems

The array configuration is stored in what is known as the RIS area on each drive, not in the controller.  If you insert two new drives, the controller should report there are no logical drives.  At this point before you do any experimenting, you need to make sure you have a good backup of the data

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Re: Hard Drive problems


In agreement with first reply, did you test the new second disk at other bay?If they are older also clean up contacts, hope it helps.

All the best