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Hard Read Erros on Hard Drives

Kuan Hau_1
Occasional Advisor

Hard Read Erros on Hard Drives

HP Management Reports Hard Read Erros on Hard Drives.

The overall status is green. However if you look at the Smart6i and then each drive there is a summary of errors at the bottom, which shows hard read errors.

Is this something which would necessitate replacing of the hard drives?

And if so, can i simply swap it with another one (as it is in a mirrored raid configuration), and it should immediately start rebuilding. Correct?
Honored Contributor

Re: Hard Read Erros on Hard Drives

Hello Kuan,

It could well be a warning or predictive failure.

1.Do you see any i/o performance degradation?
2.Does the disk go offline at times?
3.Can you post all the errors that you see?

And yes,since its a mirrored set of hot plug scsi disks,a simple swap is sufficient if its a real disk issue.
Else the error would stay how many ever times you replace the disk.

Marek Podmaka
Frequent Advisor

Re: Hard Read Erros on Hard Drives

It also depends on the number of errors. If there are only few and not growing I think replacement is not necessary at this time. But if there are many or growing all the time, it seems that the disk is dying. If you have a spare disk in your array, you can wait until this disk dies and replace it only after that.
But if these errors show on more than 1 drive, this is suspect...