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Hard drive failure

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Hard drive failure


I un plugged my hard disk in hp server dl380p g8 and when I plugged it back it was not detected and gave the error msg "The IO operation at logical block address 0xc529710 for Disk 1 was retried.". My thinking was that it is a hot swap so I can unplug it out and back. The server has 3 hard drive, the raid is set to basic array. labled c, e so the f and g are missing. Any assistance kindly help.

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Re: Hard drive failure

Most common 3 drive system is going to be RAID-5 array.  The 3 drives work in conjunction with each other to present one physical RAID volume.  Nobody just starts pulling drives willy nilly..  so I am assuming you were having some trouble with the array and were pulling drives to troubleshoot. 

You should be looking at the RAID configuration to confirm it is RAID-5, to see if any drives are degraded.  Important not to rebuild until you confirm the logical state of the union is good (booting, full data access, etc). 

Service manual goes into a ton more details.   But next steps are to confirm RAID level, drive health, possibly reply here if you need further assistance.  Very, very important to back all data up before doing any drive replacement!