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ProLiant Servers (ML,DL,SL)
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Hard drives in ProLiant ML350

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Sigve Indregard
Occasional Visitor

Hard drives in ProLiant ML350


I'm wondering if I will be able to use my two standard SCSI 80-pin Ultra320 (as depicted on http://www.komplett.no/k/ki.asp?sku=306005&cks=PLS)?

I'm not very familiar with hotswapping and drive arrays like the ProLiant has. Do I need a special frame for the disks, or do I need special disks altogether?
Joseph Loo
Honored Contributor

Re: Hard drives in ProLiant ML350


refer to this for the supported storage in ML350:


and the Ultra320 drives can be found in this table:


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Sigve Indregard
Occasional Visitor

Re: Hard drives in ProLiant ML350

I'll try to clarify my questions: I'm not wondering whether I've got disks which are compatible hardware-wise, but form-factor-wise. From the documentation, it seems like any SCSI drive, at least hotswappable drive, could work. However, I can't understand how to fit a normal drive into the hotswap-drive-bay.

Do I need special drives - form factor wise? Can I just push a regular 3,5"x1" drive into the bay, and expect it to work (and how would I then get it out again? Where are the "hard drive LEDs" the documentation speaks of?
Gus Kwong
Respected Contributor

Re: Hard drives in ProLiant ML350

Hi Sigve,

Assuming you don't care about warranty, I cannot see any problem with the one you have specified, but you will need to buy a hp/compaq universial drive caddy (from eBay or something) and fit the new drive in it.

I have even swapped disks between my Dell servers and my old proliants, and they work perfectly fine.



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