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Harddiscs for DL360Gen8


Harddiscs for DL360Gen8


we have a 5 years old DL360Gen8. Now we need an disc-Upgrade because the Serversoftware will me upgraded. Problem is, that actual HP Servers are not certified for Win2008R2. We need this operating system for 1 year and there is no other option. 

What can I do? Buying a new server for 1 year? is there a server certified for 2008? Buying new harddiscs? Which one will be compatible and will work without problems? I know....there will be no guarantee. 

Best regards Alex

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Re: Harddiscs for DL360Gen8

How about a new server with a virtual machine?

Hope this helps!

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Re: Harddiscs for DL360Gen8


problem is a little bit diffucult. The manufacturer and supporter of the needed software (ERP with oracle) don't install and support this on a virtual server. They do also support only Windows 2008 R2. We have buyed a new software, but need this old for 1 year. But there is now a needed step update which needs much more space on discs. This for discription of the backgrounds. 

May we install a 10G NIC and connect a NAS with iSCSI? A HBA and a DAS? 

other SAS-discs without support of HP? Will nearly every other SAS or SSD work in this server, with the smat array P420i? 


Thank you