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Hardening Guidlines recommended for BL and GbE2

Garth Reid
Occasional Visitor

Hardening Guidlines recommended for BL and GbE2

my customer is looking for a document that would provide hardening guidlines that are HP recommended for hardening the GbE2 switch and the BL server infrastructure.
Jonas Back_2
Super Advisor

Re: Hardening Guidlines recommended for BL and GbE2

I'm interested in this aswell. But I don't know if there are any available. However we could dicuss it.

I would at least put the switches and their management VLAN on a seperate VLAN and then put accesslists to that VLAN so only authorized IP-addresses are allowed to communicate with thtat VLAN. And maybe you also should restrict in the switch which IP-adresses that are allowed to manage.

Of course, change SNMP READ/WRITE if you don't disable it. Also only allow an mgmtserver to poll SNMP.

Or if you're paranoid, only allow local connection to the serial management port.

Anyone else has any more ideas? Since theese were more general thoughts of how to secure network switches - not only for GbE2.