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Hardware RAID

Raheel Zamir
Occasional Contributor

Hardware RAID

I have DL 385 server with RHEL AS4 installed. The server has 4 drives. 2 drives on RAID 1 (36 GB each) other two also RAID 1 (300 GB each). One of the 36 GB drive failed showing amber light on the server. How can I be sure that drive has gone really bad. How do i recover it.
Matthew J Warrick
Frequent Advisor

Re: Hardware RAID

Essentially, if the light is on... the drive is bad. You can remove the drive and reseat it and if it is still functioning an automatic rebuild will begin. Chances are though that the drive will just fail again later at some point. My advice would be to open a call and have a replacement sent out. No user intervention is required to initiate a rebuild.
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Bruno Mesquita_1
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Re: Hardware RAID


Use the ACU (Array Configuration Utility) or the HP Systems Management Homepage tools to get the failed drive ID and
model information.

Use this link to get the Proliant Servers Troubleshooting Guide.

To understand the drive led's combination, open the document and search for Hot-plug SCSI hard drive LED combinations, read it, and compare with your drive led's.

If the drive is in failed status you should consider replace it.

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Re: Hardware RAID

Hi Raheel,

Install this utility :

Array Diagnostic Utility, it can be run with the command , hpaducli -f -r ADUreport.txt

This utility gives you a detailed report of the status of the drives and the array.