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Hardware problem with ML 370 fan

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Hardware problem with ML 370 fan

i have a ML 370 G4.It has already being installed. I powered on the server and receive the following error" Fan 1 solution not sufficient. Fan 1 failure detected" .I have one power supply with three fans. I open the server, i was fan 1 blinking amber light. i swaped the fan 1 into another bay and it became green.But when put another fan that was green in the fan 1 bay, it becomes amber.Please advice on it.the eror code 1611.

Ian Miller.
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Re: Hardware problem with ML 370 fan

I think you have posted this in the wrong forum as ML370 do not run VMS. Try here
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Re: Hardware problem with ML 370 fan

If I recall correctly, we once had a similar problem with a ML370 (probably G3... I don't remember exactly).

As the problem does not move with the fan, it is obviously related to the fan bay or the circuits that feed power to the fan.

In our case, we made a hardware support call to HP, and described the problem. The HP engineer arrived with some spare fans... and a largish box. Sure enough, swapping fans didn't help. Then the big box was opened... and inside was a new system board for the server. Changing that fixed the problem.

The HP engineer said the problem was familiar to him. Apparently, some ML370s have a fan controller chip that sometimes fails exactly like this.

If your server has a warranty or a hardware support contract, I'd recommend you to open a support call to HP.
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Re: Hardware problem with ML 370 fan


ML 370 G4 minimum fan requirement is 3 fans in locations 1,3 and 5. (Please see attached picture) You can remove the fan in location 1 and installed into location 2. If the fan still indicate amber that means fan need to be replaced. But if it indicate green you may need to replace system board.