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Has anyone else had ML350 rack install problems?

Paula Henderson
Occasional Contributor

Has anyone else had ML350 rack install problems?

Has anyone else figured how to get the rack rails installed properly? I've got a standard squareholed server rack with other hp servers installed. When I install the square-hole cage nuts on the inside the way the diagram shows then the little red release lever part gets in the way and it won't line up or "click in" at all because apparently the release lever and the square cage nuts were designed to share the same physical space! So I get a better fit if I put the squar-holed cage nuts on the outside however then the little metal pegs won't go in the square holes and end up more pressing against the outside of the rack. I could do it that way but that seems like a lot of stress and weight to put upon 4 little screws and flimsy square cage nuts!

I've looked up the documentation and at the documentation that I have however the pictures only give a long view of how to install the rack rails... no detail at all about how the nuts and pegs are really supposed to fit! None of the parts nor my server rack seem to have any flaws in them so what gives?

Has anyone been able to get the darn rack rails installed?