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Help, Blades wont power on.

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Help, Blades wont power on.

My BL20P G2's wont power on.

I connected the Management cable to the correct places but there is no link light. Do I need to powercycle the enclosure?

On the back of my enclosure I have 2 green lights which indicates that I have power. There is an amber light in the front of all the blades and they look like they are getting juice.

When I hit the power button, nothing happens. I tried to hold the power buttons down for 10+ seconds but nothing happens.

We have 2 BL20P blade enclosures thats installed at at different dates. The first one works just fine. The second enclosure, however does not even thought everything looks ok.

Am I missing something?


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Re: Help, Blades wont power on.


Basically if you can try and re-seat all the cards & connections it may work, if it still does not work you have to call HP & discuss with them.


Jennifer Taylor_4
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Re: Help, Blades wont power on.

Are you using the mini-bus bar or scaleable bar? For power what phase is it? If you are using the enhanced backplane on your new enclosure try using a paperclip to hit the reset button (it won't reset any of your servers.) Also make sure you're up to the latest firmware for the power and blade enclosures. Since it's the new enclosure that's not working compare the firmware from both blade enclosures. Possibly the old enclosure and power firmware are working together because they're older firmware therefore compatible. If the new enclosure has a newer firmware version it could be not compatible with the power enclosure firmware.