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Help! Colorado backup does not recognize tape drive

Occasional Contributor

Help! Colorado backup does not recognize tape drive

I have an HP Colorado5gb tape backup connected to my IBM Thinkpad through the parallel port. It was working well for 2 years. Then I had to reformat the C drive on my Thinkpad. When I tried to reinstall the software for the Colorado, it goes well for the first half of the installation but then when you get to the point where you do a restart and the software is supposed to recognize the tape drive, it does not.

I have talked to HP tech, they no longer support the drive but told me to be exact about the sequence of removing old software, installing new software first, then connecting the tape drive, etc. I have followed the sequencing very precisley but the problem of not recognizing the tape drive persists.

All of my old (pre-reformatting) data is on a tape and I need to somehow get it back.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: Help! Colorado backup does not recognize tape drive

Hello Wesley,
After installing the SW just attach the backup device to parallel port first. There after plug in the power cable and then reboot the laptop. Please try this sequence and see if it works.