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Help Ml150 raid 1 problem.

ema dgm
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Help Ml150 raid 1 problem.

hi to everyone,

I would like to ask an information about a RAID1 problem on a Ml150 G3 server.
Our costumer has a RAID1 configured array with two 250gb no hot-swap disks on this ML150 G3.
The disks are attached to the embedded sata raid controller, and the array has been created by the Bios option.
Windows2003 is the currently installed OS.

About a week agò, raid1 array failed and the staff soon noticed that it splitted in two distinct logical drives with exatly the same data( same OS files, same shared folder ecc. ec.).
Since then, the "Raid enable" option on bios settings doesn't show up anymore, and therefore they're planning to change the mainboard.
Furthermore, since the Os has kepts booting, they continued to put data on the first logical drive and therefore they do not have the same amount of data on both sides anymore.
My question is the following: is it possible to go back to a raid1 working configuration without loosing old OS and data if they change the mainboard?
If yes, what's a correct procedure to do so?
(i ask this also because their Rdx backup system doens't have enough room to save the whole thing.)
Sorry for my bad english guys.
I hope that someone can give me some good hints.





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Re: Help Ml150 raid 1 problem.



I had the same problem, did you have resolved it already