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Help New controller card install

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Help New controller card install

hi all


How can i configure a new p400 in ACU if my server will not get past post when i power on






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Re: Help New controller card install

This is really not too much information ...


What server is it?


I would first try to re-seat the cache module and disconnect disks and check if the server boots.


Any error messages?

Hope this helps!

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Re: Help New controller card install

If a server does not complete POST then depending on the issue, it sometimes may not even get past to allow configure the hard drives into RAID array.


More information such as the server model, the error message(s) if any during POST, the LEDs illuminated on the server’s front panel etc., and if the server can be reached through iLO, then check if there are any error messages logged therein.


Also, if any hardware component were recently added, then reseat it, if not remove it and check. Reseating internal all internal components with the exception of the processors could help.


If the error message is about the array controller, remove the cache module, if installed, and check if completes POST.


Detailed information about the errors server model and configuration could help in providing a suitable recommendation.






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